Greg Malouf’s burrata with broad bean and chickpea stew

Greg Malouf's take on ful medames, with the addition of creamy burrata.
Burrata with broad bean and chickpea stewBen Dearnley

“This take on ful medames, the Egyptian breakfast dish, benefits from the burrata that oozes out into it,” says Malouf. “It’s a wonderful marriage.”



1.Heat ful medames, including liquid, and chickpeas in a saucepan over medium heat until hot, but not boiling. Stir in garlic mixture, lemon juice, tomato, onion and cumin, then lightly crush a quarter of the mixture with the back of a spoon to bind. Add oil, increase heat to medium-high and bring to the boil. Remove from heat and stir in parsley.
2.Transfer to a large shallow bowl and top with burrata. Sprinkle with extra cumin, chilli, purslane and 1 tsp sea salt and drizzle with oil to serve.

Canned ful medames, broad beans, and Turkish chilli flakes are available from Middle Eastern food shops. Purslane is available from select greengrocers.

Drink suggestion: Spicy, juicy grenache. Drink suggestion by Max Allen.


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