Korean beef tartare

A recipe for Korean beef tartare.
Korean beef tartare

Korean beef tartare

Ben Dearnley

Nashi and cucumber are traditional accompaniments to this dish – you could add carrot or cabbage too. If you choose to add a raw egg yolk to your tartare, be sure to use fresh, uncracked eggs; the yolk isn’t essential but will bind the dressing and add richness.


Soy dressing



1.Dry-roast sesame seeds and pine nuts separately in a small frying pan over medium-high heat, stirring continuously until golden (2-4 minutes). Set aside to cool.
2.For soy dressing, combine ingredients in a bowl, whisk to combine and season to taste.
3.Combine beef and soy dressing in a bowl, mix to combine, then divide among plates, forming into piles. Make an indent in centre of each pile and place yolk on top. Arrange nashi, cucumber and spring onion on top. Scatter with sesame seeds and pine nuts and serve.

Note Korean chilli powder is available from Asian grocers.

Drink Suggestion: German spätlese riesling. Drink suggestion by Max Allen


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