Lemongrass prawns with gỏi xoài

Gỏi xoài is a traditional Vietnamese green mango salad with a zesty dressing. In this recipe, we used ripe sweet mangoes to balance the sharp green mango and tart salad dressing.
Three prawns on lemongrass skewers with strips of mango and coconut topped with chillies, mint, and shallots on a white plate.

Photo: Ben Dearnley

Ben Dearnley
1H 10M

Let your creativity run with this dish – there are no limitations on which fresh vegetables you can use to bulk out this punchy salad. Simply toss your choice of vegetables in dressing and serve topped with the juicy lemongrass prawns as a complete main.


Lemongrass prawns


1.For dressing, whisk ingredients in a bowl until sugar dissolves; season.
2.Place half the dressing in a separate bowl. Add green mango and toss to coat; set aside at room temperature.
3.For lemongrass prawns, preheat a lightly greased barbecue or char-grill pan to high. Meanwhile, whisk chilli paste and 2½ tbsp hot water in a large bowl. Push a metal skewer lengthways through each prawn to make a channel. Skewer prawns on lemongrass stalks following the channel, then place on a tray. Brush prawns with chilli paste. Barbecue, turning occasionally, until charred and cooked through (3-5 minutes).
4.Add peanuts, radish, onion, shallot, chilli and herbs to remaining dressing in bowl, season with pepper; toss to combine.
5.To serve, add yellow mango and coconut flesh to green mango; toss to coat then divide among plates with prawn skewers. Scatter over herbs and extra peanuts.

Green mango is available from select greengrocers. If unavailable, substitute green papaya. Reserve drained coconut water and refrigerate for another use.


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