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Oysters with pomegranate dressing

An oyster combination that tastes as good as it looks.
Over the top shot of six shucked oysters, arranged in a circle, on a bed of salt. Each oyster is topped with a pomegranate dressing and tiny green herb leaves.Ben Dearnley

This tangy pomegranate dressing is an easy match for sweet and salty oysters. Even better, this recipe is quick and easy to prepare.


Pomegranate dressing


1.For pomegranate dressing, combine molasses, vinegar and oil in a bowl, and mix to combine. Stir through pomegranate arils and shallot, and season to taste with black pepper.
2.To serve, scatter salt over a plate, top with oysters, spoon a little dressing in each oyster and scatter over coriander.

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