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Tomato salad with shiso and cucumber

Australian Gourmet Traveller recipe for tomato salad with shiso and cucumber.
Tomato salad with shiso and cucumber

Tomato salad with shiso and cucumber

Ben Dearnley & William Meppem

You’ll need a 1-litre siphon gun and 2-3 nitrous chargers to make the whipped tofu; you can find these at kitchenware shops. Alternatively, skip step 1 and simply tear the silken tofu and serve it over the salad.




1.Drain tofu (discard liquid), then blend on high speed in a blender, gradually add xanthan gum and blend to combine. Season generously to taste, transfer to a siphon gun, charge with nitrous chargers and set aside.
2.Blanch cherry tomatoes (30 seconds-1 minute), then refresh and peel.
3.Scoop balls of cucumber with a small melon-baller, avoiding the seeds.
4.Whisk oils, vinegar and soy sauce to combine, then season to taste. Thinly slice shiso leaves and add to vinaigrette, then add tomato. Place a few cucumber balls and a selection of different coloured tomatoes into serving bowls, season to taste and drizzle over a little vinaigrette. Squirt whipped tofu from siphon gun on top of salad and serve.

Note Xanthan gum is a stabilising agent available from health-food shops.


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