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The Gidley

Slick service, killer cocktails and the best steak in Sydney – you'll find yourself back at The Gidley again and again.
Dominic Loneragan
Basement, 161 King St, Sydney, NSW


There are several reasons why not everyone knows about The Gidley, which opened just weeks before Covid shuttered the world in 2020 and sits hidden beneath street level in Sydney’s CBD. And one very good reason why you should: the spinalis. As you take your seat at the subterranean steakhouse, you will be asked politely but firmly to relinquish your phone – to be sealed in a sleek leather pouch and returned at the end of the night. The result is two-fold: diners are focused on the experience in front of them, and The Gidley and its luxe Manhattan cocktail lounge is not plastered all over social media. Still, word has spread: The Gidley is serving the best steak in Sydney. That’s not a claim we make lightly – but once you’ve tried that signature spinalis, you’ll find yourself coming back for it again and again. Slick service and killer cocktails complete the package.


The Gidley

Basement, 161 King St, Sydney, NSW

(02) 9169 6898

Chef Pip Pratt

Price guide $$$$

Bookings Essential

Wheelchair access No

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The Gidley
Basement, 161 King St, Sydney, NSW
Pip Pratt
Price Guide
Wheelchair Access

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