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  • Bacon, egg and avocado salad

    Bacon, egg and avocado salad

    Combining bacon, eggs, avocado and charred sourdough, this twist on a Caesar salad works as breakfast, lunch or dinner. The creamy avocado is a good foil for the smoky bacon and piquant anchovies.

    Now to love|Dec 03, 2017

  • Chicken salad with asparagus and quinoa

    Chicken salad with asparagus and quinoa

    If you've got the time, toast the quinoa in a little grapeseed oil until it's golden brown before adding the water - it adds a great nutty flavour that works well with the asparagus.

    Now to love|Oct 02, 2017

  • Wallaby sang choi bau

    Wallaby sang choi bau

    "Sang choi bau, a staple of Chinese-Australian restaurants, is one of my favourite Chinese classics," says Kylie Kwong. "I love the contrast of textures and temperatures"

    Now to love|Aug 20, 2017

  • Grilled oysters with tapioca recipe

    Grilled oysters with tapioca

    "This is an idea I got when I was travelling around Australia with René Redzepi; the Aboriginal elders threw the clams or oysters on the fire until they sang," says Clugston.

    Now to love|May 31, 2017