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Analiese Gregory to take the reins at Franklin

The Bar Brosé chef is packing her bags for Tasmania.

Analiese Gregory

Chef Analiese Gregory is leaving Darlinghurst restaurant Bar Brosé to head up the kitchen at Hobart’s acclaimed Franklin on 2 August, taking the reins from David Moyle, who is focusing on his new Melbourne venture, Longsong.

“It’s bittersweet,” she says of the decision to leave Brosé. “But I also really want to be in the countryside and grow vegetables. Since my time cooking with Michel Bras, I realised I love being in the countryside. It’s a good way to de-stress from this kind of work.”

While plans for her Franklin menu are a work in progress, Gregory is keen to start exploring Tasmania’s bounty straight away. “I just want to find super-specific ingredients that make me happy,” she says.

The larger kitchen at Franklin, kitted out with static fridges for ageing fish, a wood-fired oven and a large cool room, is bound to bring smiles, too. Gregory says house-made charcuterie could be on the cards, along with plenty of seafood and dishes matched to the cooler temperatures on the island. She’s also excited about the possibility of working with neighbours Pigeon Whole Bakery, who share the same building as Franklin.

Moyle, meanwhile, is excited about Gregory’s arrival. “Franklin is a constantly changing and evolving space, and I can’t be there all the time,” he says. “We want it to improve, not go through a period of uncertainty.

“Analiese is a perfect fit. She’s always had an affinity to cooking from a direct source. There’s a relaxed feel to her food while also being quite complex, and she’s a great person, which is just as important. I can’t wait to eat her food there.”

For Gregory’s last month in the Bar Brosé kitchen, she’ll focus on the hits, scouring every menu since the restaurant opened in March last year for favourites. While there aren’t many specifics yet, the poulet au vin de Marrickville is a definite.

Following Gregory’s departure, the restaurant will bring in powerhouse team Adam Wolfers and Marc Dempsey (formerly of Yellow) for a two-month takeover beginning at the end of June. Expect to see more of the Eastern European and Jewish-inspired fare Wolfers was turning out at his recent Casoni pop-up.

Gregory’s last service at Bar Brosé will be 25 June.

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