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Green Moustache: Finally North Sydney has an upmarket bar

Now there’s a reason to cross the bridge to socialise.
Green Moustache North Sydney

Unless you lived or worked nearby, there hasn’t been much reason to go to North Sydney. It may be home to 74,000 residents, and have a daily influx of another 50,000 workers but, in the bar and restaurant stakes, it’s been a bit of a ghost town. Until now.

The newly opened Green Moustache has given Sydneysiders a reason to head across the bridge to eat and drink. This is not some glib PR spin either. Dubbed as North Sydney’s first rooftop bar and restaurant, the Green Moustache has a very cool global vibe – you could be at a bar in New York, Singapore, Bangkok.

To add to that “exclusive” feel, there’s no shop front or obvious signage. A botanical-themed lift sets the scene for what awaits a few levels up – a lush green oasis, providing a stark contrast to the concrete jungle that is downtown North Sydney.

And there’s some pedigree behind this new offering. It’s the brainchild of the masterminds behind the Treehouse (also in North Sydney) and Art House in the CBD – Andrew Utiger, Matt Erby and David Maisey.

Head to the kitchen and bar and the who’s who list continues. Chef Peter Fitzsimmons (ex Chin Chin) is supported by pastry chef Alfredo Jr Peralta (previously Nomad) with sommelier Julien Perrimond (ex Bambini Trust Restaurant and Wine Room) in charge of the impressive wine list.

The stand-out star of this venue is initially the breathtaking green space and its epic views. But once you’ve stopped gazing out, lower your eyes to the menu which, like the venue, is elevated above standard bar fare. And it’s on offer all day – from breakfast through to end of night, ably supported by an impressive cocktail, beer and wine list.

Expect a fusion of cuisines, masterminded by ex-Chin Chin chef Peter Fitzsimmons.

The food is certainly fusion – Asian-inspired dishes sit cheek-by-jowl with Italian-style, and there’s high-quality steaks thrown in the mix. The big food-and-beverage drawcard at the moment, says Erby, is the “Bottomless Rose Lunch” held every Saturday priced at $70 a head.

Just imagine; going to North Sydney to socialise on a Saturday is now a reality.

Green Moustache, 100 Miller Street, North Sydney (enter via the green, flowery lifts, corner of Pacific Highway). Open Monday to Friday, 7am to late; Saturday noon to late.

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