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13 best chicken curry recipes to cuddle up to

Make your own curry paste from scratch and you'll never look back.
Thai chicken curry with roti with large bowl of chicken, smaller bowl with rice and curry and roti on plates.
Yellow bamboo shoot and chicken curry recipe with roti and rice
Ben Dearnley

Clove, coriander, cumin, cardamom, cinnamon, carom. Just some of the essential spices you need to make one of of our punchy, fragrant and delicious chicken curry recipes. Garam masala is a must, as are black pepper and cayenne pepper, for that welcome hit of heat. For the time poor, don’t stress: A hint of curry powder won’t go astray if you need a quick fix.

If you have time on your side, pound your own curry paste by hand à la Palisa Anderson’s gaeng keow wan gai. For a spicy-sour hit, the Chiang Mai curry sings with ginger and tamarind; or make for the ohn no khao swè if you like your chicken curries earthy, soupy and noodle-y. For something a little more mellow and mild, our riff on the classic butter chicken might be for you – Greek yoghurt gives the curry sauce a gentler, creamier heat for those who love a slow burn, almost like a Korma.

Whether you serve yours with naan or rice, or if you prefer coconut milk or yoghurt. Whether you like your chicken curry recipes spicy or mild, we have a one for you in this warming collection.

If you’re looking to bring the heat, check out our master collection of our favourite curry recipes.

Chiang Mai chicken curry

Chiang Mai chicken curry

This northern Thai-style Chiang Mai curry is flavoured with ginger as well as turmeric. It’s slightly sour and deliciously light.
Navy curry

Navy curry

Japan’s take on curry delivers spice, a little sweetness, and all-round comfort.

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