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Jerusalem artichoke recipes to master

What is a Jerusalem artichoke? Despite the name, Jerusalem artichokes aren't artichokes at all.
Chris Chen (main)

Nutty, sweet and crunchy, the Jerusalem artichoke holds a name that quite frankly doesn’t match its nature. While it may be called an artichoke (or, in some countries, a sunchoke), the perennial tuber vegetable resembles a knobbly brown-skinned ginger root, and lends a nutty and sweet flavour to soups, stews and salads in winter.

We have Jerusalem artichoke recipes where we roast them in duck fat, much like we would a potato, for a sensational seasonal side dish. Jerusalem artichokes pair particularly well with rich proteins such as steak, lamb and duck, so you’ll find a couple of recipes for Jerusalem artichokes in such contexts here, too. Plus our rich roast Jerusalem artichoke soup recipe is a must-try.

Here are our best Jerusalem artichoke recipes.

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