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Flavoursome Kumato dishes that will transport you to the Mediterranean

Travel along the European coastline, one plate at a time, with these warm weather recipes.

As we head into summer, take advantage of the season’s freshest produce. Taking centre stage: Kumato® tomatoes. Rich, juicy and bursting with sweet flavour, these full-bodied tomatoes will lend authentic flavour to Mediterranean-inspired plates.

Make your way through the tomato’s spectrum of flavours: brown Kumatos®, a big-flavoured ingredient perfect for fresh salads and Greek-inspired breakfast burgers; deep brown tomatoes with hints of green for a bold, juicy flavour; and deep brown to dark red tomatoes for soft, juicy and mild flavours – perfect for pork strozzapreti or pan-roasted sides.

With a rustic appearance – a result of the natural crossing of wild and domestic tomato varieties – Kumatos® tomatoes look as good as they taste.

Below, 10 flavoursome Kumatos® dishes that will transport you straight to the Mediterranean.

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