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Quick breakfast recipes

Don't leave home hungry, even if you're in a rush. These quick breakfast recipes are easy - so no excuses.

As they say, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. But don’t let a rushed work-day start, a late night before or sheer laziness leave you hungry in the morning. These quick breakfast recipes make the first meal of the day easy – so no excuses.

Scallops, chorizo and fried eggs on toast

Speedy yoghurt flatbread with zucchini flowers and feta

Crushed peas, basil and poached eggs on sourdough

Buttered mushrooms

Jamón and manchego baked eggs

Tapioca porridge with brown sugar bananas

Pumpkin rösti with poached egg and mint feta and avocado salad

Zucchini fritters

Ocean trout and herb omelettes

Goat’s cheese soufflé omelette with chorizo


Soft-boiled eggs with ‘nduja

Pancakes with quark and peaches

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