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Sardine recipes

Yes, there's sardines on toast (but we've given them an upgrade).

Sardines may one of the smaller fish from the ocean’s catch, but don’t be deceived by their modest size. They have a dense, meaty flesh that’s brought to life in the company of sharp, zingy counterparts. Add them to a pleasantly acidic escabeche or a sweet-and-sour agrodolce, or try Guy Grossi’s recipe for soused sardines. For a textural contrast, pan-fry them until crisp, with a breadcrumb salsa if you’re so inclined.

And of course, we have recipes for sardines on toast. We’ve just given them a little upgrade, with some pickled onion and pine nut tarator.

Sardines with fennel and orange

Lemon-cured sardines

Lemon-cured sardines

Sardines with tomato pâté

Char-grilled vine-leaf sardines with brown rice, pine nuts and barberries

Marinated sardines on toast with piquillo pepper vinaigrette

Marinated sardines on toast with piquillo pepper vinaigrette

Spaghetti with sardines, fennel and raisins

Marinated sardines with garlic and lemon and grilled beans

Stuffed sardines

Pan-fried sardines with breadcrumb salsa, heirloom tomatoes and shaved fennel

Escabeche of sardines, saffron and tapenade

Grilled sardine crostini with chimichurri

Spaghettini with sardines, fennel and breadcrumbs

Quick-pickled sardines with crushed roast cherry tomatoes

Fried sardines, tangier-style

Pontoon’s grilled sardines and harissa

Sardine and chilli fettuccine with pine nuts and lemon

Cured sardine, fennel, mushroom and bottarga salad on croûtons

Guy Grossi: Sarde in saor (soused sardines)

Sardine toasts with agrodolce

Sardine toasts with agrodolce

Sardines on toast with sweet onion and pine nut tarator

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