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Bar Totti’s chicken wings with honey, lemon and rosemary

Let that sweet-sour glaze take you away.
Skewers of barbecued chicken wings and lemon halves on a white rectangle tray, on an off-white marble table

Bar Totti's chicken wings with honey, lemon and rosemary

Benito Martin
4 - 6

“This is my take on an agrodolce dish, with sweet and sour flavours” says chef Mike Eggert. “We have great charred roasted wings and we pair it with sweet honey and lots of grilled lemon.”




1.For brine, combine salt and sugar with 2 litres water and stir until dissolved. Pour over chicken and refrigerate to brine (2 hours).
2.Preheat a barbecue or hibachi grill to medium, or grill plate over medium heat. Remove chicken from brine and pat dry with paper towel. Skewer wings onto soaked wooden skewers or metal skewers.
3.Combine honey, zest and rosemary in a bowl. Grill wings, brushing with honey mixture occasionally, until charred and cooked through and a golden charred roasted glaze has built up on the wings (8-12 minutes). Season to taste.
4.Meanwhile, cut zested lemons in half and grill (1-2 minutes).
5.To serve, scatter rocket onto a platter, place skewers on top and pour over any chicken juices from resting. Squeeze over grilled lemons and serve.

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