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Curtis Stone’s oysters with Champagne and caviar

Curtis Stone recipe for oysters with Champagne and caviar from Maude restaurant in Los Angeles.
Oysters with Champagne and caviar

Oysters with Champagne and caviar

William Meppem

“Oysters, caviar, Champagne – a trio of equally luxurious ingredients, and served together, they signal the start of an extra-special occasion,” says Stone. “Yuzu is a tart Asian citrus fruit that is best fresh, but if you can’t find it, yuzu juice from an Asian grocer will do the trick.”


Champagne gelée



1.For Champagne gelée, warm lemon juice in a small saucepan over low-medium heat, remove from heat, squeeze excess water from gelatine, add to pan and whisk to dissolve. Transfer to a bowl, stir in Champagne, then pour into a shallow container and refrigerate until set (1½-2 hours). Using a fork, gently scrape to break up the gelée.
2.Arrange oysters in the half-shell on a platter of crushed ice, top each with a little caviar and Champagne gelée, garnish with a couple drops of yuzu juice and serve.

Drink Suggestion: H Goutorbe Cuvée Prestige NV, Champagne, France. Drink suggestion by Ben Aviram


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