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Paul Carmichael’s cucumber and choko salad

This refreshing salad is a perfect side dish to accompany a slow-roasted lamb or other tender meats. Carmichael uses a mix of chilli and onions to give it that extra spice.
Prue Ruscoe

“If there is one salad you’ll find on a Bajan table other than the classic lettuce, tomato and onion it will be a cucumber concoction of some sort,” says Momofuku Seiobo chef Paul Carmichael. “This should be served cold and you can play around with the spice levels. You can also finish it off with a drizzle of nice olive oil.”




1.Combine ingredients in a large bowl, season to taste and refrigerate to chill (1½-2 hours). Before serving, check seasoning – the flavour of the chilled salad should be a balance of sour and salty – and serve.

Falernum is a sweet, spiced almond and lime syrup; it’s available from liquor shops.

Drink Suggestion: A vintage port, such as 2007 Cockburn’s quinta dos canais. Drink suggestion by Ambrose Chiang


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