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Jaclyn Koludrovic’s ricotta with white poached quince and honey

Pastry chef Jaclyn Koludrovic shares the recipe for her sweet ricotta dessert, which is best served with quinces poached low-and-slow.
Ricotta with white poached quince and honeyBen Dearnley

“Ricotta from Sicily is made mostly from sheep’s milk, but the buffalo-milk ricotta that’s more common in Australia is delicious, too,” says Koludrovic. “This dish can be enjoyed for brunch or as a dessert, and is great served with some grilled Sardinian flatbread, pane carasau, or your favourite fruit toast. Quince is often cooked long and slow so the flesh turns from yellow to a pink or deep crimson colour, but for this recipe I like a fresher flavour, and poach the quince only briefly to retain its paleness.”


White poached quince


1.For white poached quince, place ingredients, except quince, and in a saucepan large enough to fit quince snugly. Add 1 litre water and bring to the boil. Cool completely. Working quickly to prevent quince oxidising, trim, peel, quarter, core and coarsely chop quince into 1.5cm chunks, adding the prepped fruit straight into the poaching liquid as you go. Cover with a circle of baking paper, weight with a plate to keep quince submerged and bring to the boil. Remove pan from heat and cool quince in poaching liquid. Quince will keep refrigerated in poaching liquid in an airtight container for up to 2 weeks.
2.Carefully turn ricotta out onto a plate, pouring off any liquid. Top with quince, honey and flowers and serve with crispbread.

Buffalo ricotta is available from select greengrocers and delicatessens.


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