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Shy ben laben (Ethiopian white spiced tea) by Saba’s Ethiopian Restaurant

A winter warmer.
Ben Dearnley

“This is like a chai latte, but so much better,” says Saba Alemayoh, owner of the now-closed Saba’s Ethiopian Restaurant in Melbourne. “It’s a great winter warmer, especially with a splash of Amarula – a liqueur from South Africa that has lovely earthy flavours.”



1.Combine all ingredients in a stove-top tea pot or saucepan over low heat and simmer until infused (10-15 minutes). (You will need to open the top and stir it once in a while to stop overflow.)
2.Strain tea into cups and serve, adding extra sugar or Amarula if desired.

If substituting a dairy alternative, choose one with a subtle flavour and creamy texture, such as oat milk. 30gm loose tea leaves will produce a strong-flavoured tea. Add less if you prefer a weaker tea.


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