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Spicy Korean pork jaffles from Soul Dining

An elevated Korean twist on an Australian classic. these spicy Korean pork jaffles are jammy and delicious with a hint of spice.
Korean spicy pork jaffle with orange marmalade on black grid tray.Brett Stevens

Soul Dining’s Daero Lee salutes the Australian jaffle with this spicy Korean pork toastie. The filling recalls jeyuk bokkeum (spicy stir-fried pork) and a Korean style of pizza flavoured with blue cheese and yuzu honey. The condiments are garden-variety marmalade and jam, which Soul Dining’s other half Illa Kim says are inspired by a street toast in Seoul, which uses jam, “but it doesn’t have any spicy meat, so this is Daero’s spin on it.”

These spicy Korean pork jaffles are a simple crowd-pleaser.


Jaffle Filling



For jaffle filling, place all ingredients, except oils, in a large bowl; season to taste and stir to combine.


Heat oils in a large frying pan over medium-high heat. Add filling and cook, stirring frequently, until pork is caramelised (10-12 minutes); cool slightly.


Preheat jaffle-maker. Butter bread and place, buttered-side down, on a work surface. Top half the slices with filling, then sliced cheese. Top with the remaining bread slices, buttered-side up, and cook, in batches, until golden and the cheese has melted (4-5 minutes). Serve immediately, scattered with flat-leaf parsley, with orange marmalade or strawberry jam on the side.

Frozen sliced pork neck, gochujang paste (Korean hot pepper paste), Korean corn syrup and gochugaru (red chilli powder) are available from select supermarkets and Korean and Japanese grocers. For a less hot and spicy filling, reduce the amount of gochujang paste and gochugaru.

This recipe also calls for cooling (see method).


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