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Stirfried asparagus with garlic

Australian Gourmet Traveller Chinese recipe for stirfried asparagus with garlic by Tony Tan
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Stirfried asparagus with garlic

Chris Chen

One of the inevitable conversations with a waiter at a Chinese restaurant is about what flavour a diner should choose to go with their choice of greens – simply tossed in oil, a splash of oyster sauce or a toss of minced garlic?




1.Heat a wok over high heat until a few drops of water added evaporates within 1 minute. Add oil, garlic and asparagus and stirfry for 30 seconds to 1 minute. Add wine and stock and reduce heat to medium. Add sugar and stirfry for 1-2 minutes or until asparagus is just tender. Season to taste with sea salt and freshly ground black pepper and serve immediately.

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