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Capitano’s Strawberry Sgroppino

Prosecco, strawberries and lemon sorbet. What's not to love?
Ben Dearnley

It’s like an adult’s version of a fruit frappé: fresh strawberries, lemon sorbet and a hit of prosecco. Try this cocktail, courtesy of Melbourne’s Capitano.


Strawberry purée


1.For strawberry purée, toss strawberries in sugar to coat and leave for 30 minutes to macerate. Transfer strawberries to a small blender and blend until smooth (add a small amount of water to loosen if needed). Pass purée through a fine sieve and refrigerate until required (up to 3 days).
2.Whisk sorbet and strawberry purée together in a jug until smooth, then gradually add prosecco, whisking until combined. To serve, pour or ladle Sgroppino into Champagne coupes.

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