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Tuna crudo with ruby grapefruit and fennel

Australian Gourmet Traveller recipe for tuna crudo with ruby grapefruit and fennel from Sagra, Sydney.
Tuna crudo with ruby grapefruit and fennel

Tuna crudo with ruby grapefruit and fennel

Prue Ruscoe
6 - 8

“I ate a similar dish to this a few years ago while holidaying in Porto Palo di Menfi in Sicily,” says Nigel Ward. “It was at a little family-run joint on the beach and remains one of the most memorable meals of my life. This dish was a virtue of simplicity – just three or four ingredients, at the perfect point in the season: beautiful Mediterranean tuna, bittersweet grapefruit, bitter, peppery oil, and sweet, anise-flavoured fennel.”




1.Combine grapefruit rind and juice with olive oil. Slice tuna as thinly as possible and place on a platter. Season to taste and spoon on a quarter of the dressing, then refrigerate to marinate (30 minutes).
2.To serve, scatter fennel, radish, capers and grapefruit segments over tuna. Dress salad with remaining dressing and scatter with coarsely chopped fennel fronds.

Note Tuna can be substituted with kingfish or swordfish.

Drink Suggestion: Tenuta di Castellaro Bianco Pomice. 2010, Lipari. Drink suggestion by Nigel Ward


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