Passiona granita jellies

Celebrate the passionfruit-flavoured soft drink of your childhood with this refreshing combination of jelly and granita.
Passiona granita jelliesChris Chen

Who didn’t love Passiona as a kid? Celebrate the beloved passionfruit-flavoured soft drink with this dessert of sparkling passionfruit jelly topped with passionfruit granita. Begin this recipe a day ahead to set the jelly.


Passionfruit granita


1.For passionfruit granita, chill a wide, shallow tray in the freezer. Bring sugar and 250ml water to the boil in a saucepan, stirring to dissolve sugar, then pour into a bowl set over a bowl of ice and stir until chilled (4-5 minutes). Stir in passionfruit juice and lime juice, adding extra lime juice to taste. Pour into chilled tray and freeze, scraping occasionally with a fork to form ice crystals, until frozen (6 hours or overnight).
2.To make the passionfruit jellies, stir passionfruit juice and sugar in a saucepan over high heat until sugar dissolves, then reduce heat to medium-high and simmer until reduced to 300ml (6-12 minutes). Squeeze excess water from gelatine, add to syrup, stir to dissolve, then remove from heat and leave to cool, stirring occasionally (20-30 minutes). Stir in soda water and wait for bubbles to reduce to a thin film on top (a small amount is okay). Divide mixture among six 250ml-glasses and chill until set (4 hours or overnight).
3.To serve, fluff up granita with a fork and spoon onto jellies.

To make passionfruit juice, blend passionfruit pulp in a food processor to crack seeds, then strain through a fine sieve. Reserve a few whole seeds to stir into the granita. Twenty large juicy passionfruit will yield about 250ml (1 cup) of juice.


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