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Kiwi and ginger mess

This quick Eton mess-style dessert swaps out berries for kiwis drizzled with a ginger and lime syrup.
Kiwi and ginger mess

Kiwi and ginger mess

William Meppem

This quick Eton mess-style dessert riffs on the classic meringue and berry combination, using kiwis instead.


Ginger and lime syrup



1.For ginger and lime syrup, bring sugar, ginger and 125ml water to the boil in a small saucepan, stirring occasionally to dissolve sugar, and boil until syrupy (8-10 minutes), then transfer to a bowl. Add lime juice and rind, and refrigerate to chill (10 minutes). Just before serving, add kiwifruit and stir to coat.
2.Divide meringue among bowls, top with kiwifruit and scoops of ice-cream, drizzle with syrup and serve.

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