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Baharat cauliflower and walnut-bread sauce

A Middle Eastern spin on roast cauliflower that makes for a quick and easy vegetarian crowd-pleaser.

Photo: Alicia Taylor

Alicia Taylor
4 - 6


Grape salsa


1.Preheat oven to 240°C. Place cauliflower on an oven tray; brush with combined 125ml oil, crushed garlic and baharat; season to taste. Roast until golden and tender (25-30 minutes).
2.Meanwhile, place sourdough in a bowl and pour over 250ml water; stand for 5 minutes.
3.For grape salsa, place grapes, shallots, preserved lemon, vinegar and oil in a bowl, season and toss to combine. Set aside to pickle (10 minutes).
4.Squeeze excess water from bread. Place bread, 170gm walnuts, remaining oil and chopped garlic in a food processor. With motor running, gradually add 250ml water in a steady stream, process until very smooth. Add vinegar and process to combine, season to taste.
5.To serve, spread walnut-bread sauce over plates. Top with cauliflower and grape salsa; scatter with parsley, basil, remaining walnuts and drizzle with oil.

Baharat is a Middle Eastern spice blend available at delicatessens or online at


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