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Corn with herb butter and chipotle salt

Butter makes everything better.
Corn with herb butter and chipotle saltChris Chen

The spring onions, the coriander, the lime, the chipotle salt. All add interest here, but the butter brings it all together – don’t hold back.


Chipotle salt


1.Preheat barbecue to high. Place corn in a roasting pan, toss with oil to coat, then place pan in barbecue and roast corn, covered and turning occasionally, until tender and starting to char (10-14 minutes).
2.Meanwhile, for chipotle salt, stir ingredients in a bowl to combine.
3.Transfer hot corn to a serving bowl, add butter, coriander and spring onion and toss until butter melts and coats corn. Season with chipotle salt to taste and serve with lime.

Chipotle powder is available from and select delicatessens.


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