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Mushroom skewers with mojo sauce and flatbread

Serve these mushroom skewers as you would any other meat skewer: slide free from the skewers and onto a piece of flatbread spread with whipped avocado, pack with fresh veg, drizzle with mojo sauce and enjoy.
Mushroom skewers with mojo sauce and flatbread

Mushroom skewers with mojo sauce and flatbread

Con Poulos

Mojo sauce is a zesty green sauce packed with herbs, chillies and citrus that pairs perfectly with roast meat, seafood or vegetables. Here, we drizzle it over the hearty mushroom skewers and flatbread to cut through the barbecue’s char.


Mojo sauce
Whipped avocado
Wholemeal flatbread


1.For mojo sauce, blend ingredients in a blender until smooth; season to taste.
2.Thickly slice mushrooms, and if using oyster mushrooms, tear into pieces, then thread mushrooms onto soaked bamboo skewers. Place skewers in a shallow dish, pour over half the mojo sauce and turn to coat. Set aside at room temperature to marinate (30 minutes).
3.Meanwhile, for wholemeal flatbreads, combine flour, 1 tbsp olive oil, 250ml water and 2 tsp sea salt in a bowl and mix to form a rough dough. Turn out onto a lightly floured surface and knead until smooth (3-4 minutes). Set aside to rest (10 minutes).
4.For whipped avocado, process ingredients in a food processor until smooth; season to taste.
5.Preheat a lightly greased barbecue or chargrill pan to high. Divide dough into 12 and roll out on a lightly floured surface to 2mm thick. Brush each flat bread with remaining oil. Grill flatbreads, in batches, turning once, until cooked and slightly charred (2-3 minutes). Wrap in a tea towel and set aside to steam.
6.Drizzle skewers with extra oil, season to taste, then barbecue, turning occasionally, until charred and tender (8 minutes). Serve with flatbreads, whipped avocado, baby cos lettuce, radish, extra pickled chillies and remaining mojo sauce.

We used mild Turkish pickled chillies and a mixture of Swiss brown, shiitake, oyster and king brown mushrooms


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