Kylie Kwong recipes

Renowned for combining Chinese classics with the flavours of Australia, this is Kylie Kwong at her finest.

Kylie Kwong (Photo: Ben Dearnley)
Kylie Kwong's idiosyncratic version of Australian-Chinese food has been tickling our tastebuds and broadening our horizons since her restaurant Billy Kwong opened in Sydney nearly 20 years ago. Countless TV appearances, columns, cookbooks and events since then have helped cement her place in the hearts of Australian diners, who have embraced Kwong's trailblazing approach to using organic, sustainable ingredients. More recently, Kwong has committed to championing the native ingredients of this country in dishes like her stir-fried native greens, featuring the likes of saltbush and warrigal greens, and a spin on the much-loved sang choi bau that includes wallaby.
Kwong recently announced the closure of Billy Kwong, with plans to open a more casual eatery in the near future.
We've rounded up the recipes Kwong has contributed to Gourmet Traveller over the years, from dishes that make the most of Christmas leftovers to her signatures like sweet and sour pork with Davidson's plum, plus a couple of cakes from Pauline Kwong, Kylie's mum, for good measure.