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Cafe Paci

The menu at Cafe Paci might feel familiar at first glance, but the thrills lie in the idiosyncrasies.
Cafe Paci in Newtown, Sydney, whole fish with yellow seeded sauce
131 King St, Newtown


People tend to smile at Cafe Paci. Maybe it’s the genuinely warm, “everyone’s welcome” atmosphere that’s such a defining part of its allure. Yet it’s just as likely they’re grinning at how much fun the food is. The menu might feel familiar at first glance, but the thrills lie in the idiosyncrasies. Take a snack of fermented carrot slices and ‘nduja on rye – a nod to chef-owner Pasi Petänen’s Finnish heritage – or the fluffy, deeply flavoured bread baked in-house with potato and molasses. And what of another snack, that signature rye taco with ox tongue and sauerkraut, so clever and good it deserves the keys to the city? Cavatelli is groundbreaking, too, made with a sourdough starter and offset by the sweet-sharp combo of pear and pecorino. Giorgio De Maria’s drinks list is equally high-spirited – boutique wines, of course, but also a riot of Calvados, artisan sake and amari. It all just works so well.


Cafe Paci

131 King St, Newtown

(02) 9550 6196

Chef Pasi Petänen

Price guide $$

Bookings Recommended

Wheelchair access Yes

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Cafe Paci
131 King St, Newtown
Pasi Petänen
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Wheelchair Access

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