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An elegant and exceptional experience, housed in a discreet corner of Sydney's inner-west suburbs.
Sixpenny restaurant Stanmore, Sydney dining roomJennifer Soo
83 Percival Rd, Stanmore, NSW


Two years into his tenure, chef Tony Schifilliti’s fervent interest in fermentation has reinvigorated Sixpenny, dovetailing with chef-owner Dan Puskas’s vision seamlessly. Just look at a dainty tartlet of goat’s curd and Roman beans, jolted by a dressing flavoured with preserved lime and an egg-white garum. Or a fatty tranche of roasted Berkshire pork loin, rubbed in galangal-fragrant fermented pork paste, and served with a carrot cooked in barley koji oil. Indeed, every dish in the seven-course dégustation comes across with the same humble and effortless elegance as the bijou corner site, belying the Byzantine labour intensiveness behind it. Long-standing signatures like a malty slice of “yesterday’s sourdough” and the magical mead-vinegar custard maintain their relevance in the slow and steady procession, too. All the while, the tight-knit staff’s eyes for detail never blink, right till the very end when sudachi madeleines land with the bill, still warm.




83 Percival Rd, Stanmore, NSW

(02) 9572 6666


Chefs Daniel Puskas and Anthony Schifilliti

Price guide $$$

Bookings Essential

Wheelchair access No

Open Lunch Sat-Sun; Dinner Wed-Sat

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83 Percival Rd, Stanmore, NSW
Daniel Puskas and Anthony Schifilliti
Price Guide
Wheelchair Access
Opening Hours
Lunch Sat-Sun; Dinner Wed-Sat

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