Six ovenproof skillets for all your sautéing, searing, baking and roasting needs

One of the kitchen's most versatile staples.
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When you’re spinning the plates of dinner party prep, you want to opt for kitchen tools that will work seamlessly with your culinary flow. Cue: the humble skillet.

A sturdy and versatile pan to have in your arsenal of cookware, an ovenproof skillet can do just about anything; sautéing, searing, roasting, pan-frying, baking, braising, broiling, roasting – you name it.

Whether you’re making your first foray into the skillet sphere or it’s merely time for an upgrade, we’ve curated an edit of some of the very best ovenproof skillets to take from stove to oven with ease.

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Six ovenproof skillets for your next dinner party prep

Le Creuset Signature round skillet 20cm in Nectar, $260 at Myer

A renowned player in the cast iron game since 1925, Le Creuset cookware is crafted in Northern France with 85 per cent recycled iron and steel from individual sand moulds. This enamelled skillet has a similar food release to non-stick surfaces, is a cheery addition to the stovetop, and comes with a lifetime limited warranty.


Scanpan TechnIQ The Modern skillet 30cm, $273 at Finnish Design Shop

Featuring a streamlined Scandi design, this non-stick aluminium skillet from Danish brand Scanpan is part of the TechIQ high performance series developed with professional chefs.


Soga International round cast iron skillet with helper handle 29cm, $119.90 at Hardtofind

With exceptional heat retention and distribution, this pre-seasoned cast iron skillet is made to last. Perfect for the home and the campfire.


Lodge Blacklock cast iron skillet 37cm, $179.99 at House

Designed and made in the US, this lightweight cast iron skillet is treated with three layers of natural oil seasoning. Frittata, torte and pie time is imminent.


Circulon C Series 32cm open French silver skillet, $239.95 at Myer

Scratched pans are but a thing of the past when you have a Circulon pan that features hybrid non-stick steel peaks that protect non-stick grooves. A pan for the plucky home cook.


Smith & Nobel raw cast iron skillet 30cm, $44.99 ($89.99) at Harris Scarfe

A quality yet affordable buy, this Smith & Nobel cast iron skillet is a great pick for the budding chef who is partial to a fluffy omelette or aptly seared steak.


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