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Raise the bar: 8 gins with fascinating flavours to explore in your next tipple

From revered local makers and award-winning distilleries abroad.
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A liquid medium in which experimentation is integral in its every genesis, gin is the spirit for inventive drinkers and distillers alike.

From gins infused with botanicals picked from remote islands off Northern Ireland to Australian ones made to classic London dry recipes, we’ve curated an edit of some of the best gins – from home and abroad – with fascinating flavours.

Read on for our top picks to explore in your next G&T or Martini.

Best gins to try as your next tipple

Ester dry gin 700ml, $90

Boasting a high yield of juniper, coriander, cardamom and liquorice root, the award-winning Ester features softer citrus notes and a spicy character. The team behind the drink recommend trying it with a fresh bay leaf and dry tonic. A bold Sydney gin that sits just as well in a G&T as it does in a martini.


Four Pillars Bloody Shiraz gin 700ml, $78 (usually $89)

A cult favourite on the Australian scene, this Four Pillars gin is steeped in local shiraz for eight weeks and sports aromas of raspberries and pine needles. Perfect in a cocktail or on its own as an aperitif.


Manly Spirits Co Lilly Pilly pink gin

Manly Spirits Co Lilly Pilly pink gin, 700ml, $88

This fruity (yet with no sugar) pink gin crafted uses the vibrant and succulent summer berries of the Australian native Lilly Pilly, plus rambling edible pink flowers found tucked in the coastal dunes of the Northern Beaches of Sydney, Australia. With a raspberry-infused pink hue, it’s a striking summer sip that’s well balanced yet playful. Cue bright and bubbly summer cocktails or a pink twist on a traditional G&T.


Matsui Hakuto Premium Japanese gin 700ml, $105.99

Spicy meets sweet in the Matsui Hakuto premium gin that emphasises the Nashi pear flavour and achieved gold at the 2020 World Gin Awards (Contemporary Style Gin). Drawing upon nine botanicals and an additional five premium botanicals, this spirit evokes a rich scent and unique taste.


Mt. Uncle Distillery Botanic Australis Navy Strength gin 700ml, $180

Substituting the typical gin botanicals for native Aussie botanicals, Botanic Australis is a navy strength gin produced in Queensland based on an original London dry gin recipe. A structured blend lends itself well to the floral, herbaceous taste.


West Winds Sabre gin 700ml, $69

With an Australian take on a traditional London dry gin comes the award-winning West Winds Sabre and its distinctive flavour profile. Ideal as a classic G&T, this gin is aromatic and bright – featuring juniper, citrus, coriander seed and the addition of wattle seeds for depth of flavour.


Copeland Irish gin 700ml, $51.97

From Northern Ireland comes the Copeland Irish gin that features 12 organic and wild botanicals including pine needles, sea pink maritima, orange and lemon peel and cubeb berries from local islands. A fresh tipple to evoke the Irish terrain’s grandeur.


Junimperium Sloe gin 700ml, $63

Combing sloes (the small distinctive fruit of the blackthorn with a sharp, sour taste), juniper berries, coriander and orange peel in a balanced profile, Estonia’s sloe gin from Junimperium Distillery makes for a warming neat sipper on a cool day – or with lemonade in the summer.


Please remember to drink responsibly. If you or someone you know needs help, the Alcohol Drug Information Service (ADIS) is available 24/7 on 1800 250 015 or call Lifeline on 13 11 14.

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