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Drink, collect, invest: A sommelier’s top three wine picks

Pick the perfect drop with these expert tips.
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Whether you’re looking for a wine to drink this weekend or searching for an investment bottle to keep for celebrations, there are a few important tips that can lead you in the right direction. Here, Nick Hildebrandt, sommelier and owner of The Bentley Restaurant Group, shares his secrets to choosing the perfect wine for your purpose.

DRINK NOW: 2017 Serge Danauneau Poilly Fume

Nick: “If I’m looking for a nice wine to drink with friends over dinner, or for myself to enjoy after the work week, I’ll opt for a good drop that’s smooth on the palate and easy on the wallet. My pick for this is 2017 Serge Danauneau Poilly Fume.

“This is a fresh and vibrant Sauvignon Blanc from the central Loire valley in France. The estate was founded in 1900 and works on organic and biodynamic principles. On the nose we have pronounced gooseberry, lime, freshly cut grass and flint. It’s perfect when served with oysters and Japanese food.”

DRINK NOW: From $40, buy here.

“You can get more out of an open bottle of wine with optimal storage. If you have a wine cabinet, your drop will go a lot further,” Nick says. “The ASKO Wine Climate Cabinet has three separate adjustable climate zones, so both your ‘drink now’ picks and investment wines can live harmoniously together in optimised temperatures and conditions. Your wine will last a lot longer and taste magnificent on any given day.”

COLLECT: 2019 Valli Bannockburn Pinot Noir

Nick: “If you’re looking for a wine investment that will appreciate with age, the 2019 Valli Bannockburn Pinot Noir from Central Otago in New Zealand is my pick. Valli is a pioneering producer in Central Otago made by winemaker and owner Grant Taylor. His first vintage was in 1988 and the 2019 is considered as one of the finest vintages in the past 10 years.

“The wine itself is very generous and full of flavour with ripe cherry, fresh herbs, and spiced oak. The tannins are silky and the wine has great concentration, depth and length. This will drink beautifully over the next five to 10 years. While excellent with a wide range of food, it would taste amazing with duck. Ideally keep this wine at 14 degrees; a wine cabinet will keep it steady for you.”

COLLECT: From $80. Cellar for 5+ years, buy here.

INVEST: 2017 Brezza Barolo

Nick: “Finally, if you really want a wine that is an investment, look no further than the 2017 Brezza Barolo. It will set you back about $120 but will increase in value with time. Barolo is situated in northern Italy in the Piedmont region. These are some of the most revered and sought-after wines in the word. One of the top producers is Brezza and their Barolo from the 2017 vintage is going to live a long time.

“On the nose you have the typical tar, gravel, and earth aromas, with redcurrant, liquorice, and roses. The palate has amazing concentration and depth along with pronounced tannin and grip. Keep this for a special occasion, and pair it with roasted meats or hard cheeses.

“For high end investments like this, you really need a perfectly calibrated wine cabinet like the ASKO Wine Climate Cabinet, which has the ideal temperature, lighting, low vibration, and humidity. This wine will keep for 10 years plus, so when you’re ten years wiser it’s time to enjoy the fruits of your wine cabinet’s labour.”

INVEST: From $100. Cellar for 10+ years, buy here.

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