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10 warming dumpling soup recipes

Beat the cold weather with one of these warming and flavour-packed dumpling soups.
Cheat's wonton soup

Cheat's wonton soup

Con Poulos (main)

There’s nothing better than devouring a warming bowl of dumpling soup. Our dumpling soup recipes range from chicken dumpling soups to our quick and easy cheat’s wonton soup ready in less than 30 minutes. We also have kimchi mandu dumplings swimming in broth and a European-style oxtail and dumpling soup that is simple and rich.

Our dumpling soup recipes will teach you how to make dumplings that are deliciously delicate and packed with flavour. Most of these dumpling soups take a few hours to cook – from making the dumplings to cooking a broth low and slow for the soup – but the results are worth it. Or, buy dumplings from the shop, then cook dumplings and simply add them to a chicken broth and top with soy sauce, chilli oil, and Asian greens.

Whatever your flavour, we have a dumpling soup recipe for all. Here are our best dumpling soup recipes.

Photo: Chris Court

Kimchi mandu in broth

Photo: Chris Chen

Wonton mee

Photo: Ben Hansen

Shōbōsho’s chicken and prawn wontons, chicken dashi and Chinese broccoli

Photo: Ben Dearnley

Duck wonton, tofu and chrysanthemum soup

Photo: Ben Dearnley

Kylie Kwong’s Cantonese-style prawn wonton soup

Photo: Ben Dearnley

Noodle soup with chicken and chive dumplings

Cheat's wonton soup
Photo: Con Poulos

Cheat’s wonton soup

Photo: James Moffatt

Pork wonton soup

Photo: William Meppem

Wonton soup with Sichuan red oil and black vinegar chilli sauce

Photo: William Meppem

Oxtail and dumpling soup

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