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Recipes with turmeric

Turmeric brings a jolt of colour to plates and some TLC to your immune system. These 17 recipes will inspire you to bring more of this spice into your life.

An old Indian spice lauded for its health benefits, turmeric adds both colour and a peppery, warm, sometimes slightly bitter flavour to food. Use it in curries, with rice, as a paste for grilled meats and in warm winter soups.

Prawn sambal

Turmeric pork chops with green chilli and coconut sambal

Black-eyed pea curry with crisp shallots and curry leaves

Turmeric and lemongrass chicken on sugarcane

Barbecued turmeric snapper with sambal matah

Morgh degee

Chicken biryani


Roti with chana dhal

Fragrant chicken noodle soup

Fragrant lamb shanks with kishmish pilau and lemon and turmeric pickles

Beef rendang

Turmeric and coconut salmon curry

Indian-style curried eggs with rice

Kerala prawn curry

Red lentil dhal

Turmeric chicken with lemon pickle and almonds

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