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Yabby jaffles

Recipe for yabby jaffles by Sean McConnell from Canberra restaurant Monster.
Yabby jaffles

Yabby jaffles

Ben Dearnley

“A version of the yabby jaffle first came about at Mocan & Green Grout, where we served the cooked yabby meat with crème fraîche and horseradish on brioche toast as an appetiser,” says Sean McConnell. “The yabby jaffle was created during a very late-night menu-planning session with my friend Bernd Brademann from A Baker. As much as anything, I like how those two words roll off the tongue together. They are super-tasty, though.”





1.Place yabbies in freezer in preparation to despatch. Meanwhile, for court-bouillon, place ingredients and 4 litres water in a large saucepan over medium heat and bring to a simmer, add yabbies in batches and simmer until yabbies turn pink (about 4 minutes). Remove with tongs and refresh in iced water. Drain and peel as you would prawns, then chop into 1cm dice and refrigerate until required.
2.Heat a jaffle iron. Combine the crème fraîche, horseradish, shallots, chives and lemon juice, add yabby meat and season with sea salt to taste. Butter bread slices with softened butter and place half the slices butter-side down on a sheet of baking paper. Spread a generous amount of the yabby mixture on top, scatter with Gruyère and sandwich with remaining bread, butter-side up. Toast in a jaffle iron until golden brown and serve.

Note Live yabbies need to be ordered from your fishmonger, or you can substitute 36 medium prawns; poach them in a similar method as the yabbies or buy cooked prawns.

Drink Suggestion: 2009 Gallagher Blanc de Blancs. Drink suggestion by Michael Gray


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