Pineapple carpaccio with mango sorbet

Tropical flavours are given room to shine in this super simple dessert.
Pineapple carpaccio with mango sorbetBen Dearnley

Scent is everything when picking pineapples. You don’t need to add much to a great-tasting pineapple – we’ve gone with a no-churn mango sorbet. Start this recipe a day ahead to freeze the sorbet.


Mango sorbet


1.For mango sorbet, purée mango with rice malt syrup and 100ml water until smooth, then strain through a fine sieve. Transfer purée to ice-cube trays (or place 1⁄4 cup purée in separate snap-lock bags) and freeze overnight. Transfer cubes to a food processor and process until smooth, adding lime juice to taste, then freeze until just firm. Sorbet is best eaten within two days.
2.Working around the outside of the pineapple, shave off very thin slices with a knife until you reach the core (this can be done ahead and the slices refrigerated until needed.)
3.To serve, arrange pineapple on plates, top with passionfruit, lime rind and macadamia nuts and serve with scoops of mango sorbet.

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