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Iced tea

Australian Gourmet Traveller recipe for iced tea by Aaron Turner from Loam restaurant in Victoria.
Iced tea

Pickled mussels, fermented cucumbers and goat’s cheese

John Laurie

“This is a refreshing kick to start the day,” says Aaron Turner.




1.Combine hot tea and one-quarter of the lemon slices in a jug and set aside to infuse and cool (30-40 minutes). Strain into a bottle (discard lemon) and refrigerate until required.
2.Half-fill 2 large jugs with ice and pour lemon-infused tea over. Divide remaining liquids between jugs and stir well. Half-fill glasses with ice, pour iced tea over, garnish with lime, mint and remaining lemon and serve.

Note Domaine de Canton ginger liqueur is available at select bottle shops and Dan Murphy’s.


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