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Mike McEnearney’s tomato and jamón bread

An easy, simple snack for when tomatoes are at their peak.
Will Horner

“This is a great snack to have with gazpacho,” says McEnearney.

Want Mike McEnearney’s fast gazpacho recipe?


Chilli salt


1.For chilli salt, preheat a grill to low. Roast chillies until dark red (2 minutes; you can also dry-roast in a frying pan over low heat). Pulse chilli in a spice grinder or pound using a mortar and pestle to form fine flakes. Add salt and pulse or pound once or twice (you can make the chilli salt as coarse or as fine as you wish – just blend longer for a finer finish). Chilli salt makes more than you need, but can also be used for dishes such as [prawn, watermelon and tomato salad](|target=”_blank”).
2.Preheat a grill pan over high heat, or a natural charcoal barbecue to high. Brush sourdough with oil and grill until toasted well and slightly charred (2-3 minutes each side). Cut garlic cloves in half and rub on one side of toast.
3.Rub tomatoes over bread so pulp breaks down into the bread and season with chilli salt to taste. Lay jamón on top, drizzle with oil, top with chilli salt and serve.

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