Snacks and sides

Red emperor crudo with stone fruit and orange-oregano dressing

For a sustainable option for your next crudo, choose this regal fish.
Ben Dearnley

In-season stone fruit and a bright citrus dressing make this dish a great summertime starter or shared antipasto. We’ve chosen red emperor as a sustainable fish option – this tropical species is caught across northern Australia, and its stocks are currently healthy.


Orange-shallot dressing


1.For orange-shallot dressing, combine oil and orange zest in a bowl and leave to infuse (10 minutes). Stir through remaining ingredients and season to taste with pepper. Refrigerate until required.
2.Arrange red emperor and fruit on a platter. Season to taste with salt flakes and spoon dressing on top. Scatter over oregano and serve.

If red emperor is unavailable, substitute red snapper.


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