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  • Comfort food

    Curries, soups and the comfort of custard - it's time to hunker down for soul food packed with flavour.
  • Sydney's best new coffee shops

    Sydney's coffee scene has come a long way with top-notch java shops popping up faster than you can say "macchiato".
  • Signature Drink

    A serious libation that’s not for the faint of heart.
  • Bennelong reopens

    Bennelong restaurant is finally open for business under the Quay crew. Here's the scoop.

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Comfort food

Curries, soups and the comfort of custard - it's time to hunker down for soul food packed with flavour.

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Win dinner for two at 360 Bar & Dining!

To celebrate their Christmas in July festival, Westfield Sydney is bringing you a breathtaking dining experience - dinner for two at 360 Bar and Dining.


Win a kitchen prize pack!

Win one of 2 ultimate kitchen prize packs valued at $5234 from Blanco featuring a high performance dishwasher, stylish state-of-the-art oven, innovative cooktop and slide out range hood.


How to grow your own silverbeet

Silverbeet is ideal for boosting a gardener’s confidence: it’s the leafy green that keeps on giving.

Sydney's best new coffee shops

Sydney's coffee scene has come a long way with top-notch java shops popping up faster than you can say "macchiato".

Australia's best bacon revealed

Australian Pork Limited has announced the winner of its annual Bacon Awards.

What is Bull-Dog sauce?

Tonkatsu sauce is Japan’s answer to barbecue sauce, and Bull-Dog is one of the most popular bottled brands...

Fergus Henderson at the Four Seasons

Fergus Henderson toasts the legendary Four Seasons, favoured lunch spot of Manhattan’s elite.

Moondarra Furui Ushi grass-fed wagyu

Full-flavoured meat aged gracefully.

Best seafood for winter cooking

It seems everyone craves seafood in summer, but winter is a fantastic time for it, too...

Quick meals with rolled oats

The nutty flavour and texture of these little grains of goodness perform well beyond porridge.

How to grow radishes

Low-maintenance with a speedy turnaround, the radish is this season’s hero for “instant” crop gratification.

Passing fancies

Fergus Henderson reflects on a brace of shaky forays in hospitality – grand designs but sadly short and sweet.

How to cook wagyu

I’ve been noticing restaurant-grade wagyu in good butcher’s shops lately. How can I cook it at home?

Our favourite baked goods from Australia's best bakeries

The cooler months can be dreary, no doubt. Fortunately there are baked goods to ease the pain...

Pecora Dairy

Australia's most promising new dairy isn't sheepish about ewe's milk.

Joe McClure: pickle aficionado

Artisanal pickle-makers based in Detroit.

Quick meals with coconut milk

From curries to soups to salads and sweets, it’s a can of can-do goodness.

How to plant broad beans

Plant broad beans now, when the weather is cool, and they’ll be in for the long haul, writes Mat Pember.

Wholegrain Milling Company

Proving that when it comes to baking, old-fashioned is the next big thing.

Man united

Gentlemen’s clubs offer a rare pleasure for those in the club, but the food’s not flash, writes Fergus Henderson.

Ferran Adria pops Dom Perignon's cork

This year, Dom Perignon has teamed up with Spanish chef Ferran Adria to "decode Dom Perignon".

How to pickle fruit and vegetables

I’m keen to get in on this pickling thing. Where’s a good place to start?

Raw milk cheese in Australia

New regulations will bring greater choice to the cheeseboards of Australians.

Quick meals with eggs

If you’ve got an egg in the house, you’ve got a meal in the house, Elizabeth David once said...

How to grow broccoli

Broccoli is the most prolific member of the brassica family and the easiest to grow.

How to make great meatballs

Meatballs – how do you strike the right balance of flavour and juiciness?

Quick meals with dried pasta

It’s hard to think of a better cupboard standby than dried pasta, a staple swiftly turned into bowls of goodness.

The history of polenta

Polenta has come a long way from its roots as a peasant staple writes John Irving...

The producers: Woolumbi Farm Asiago salami

An old Italian recipe and pedigree breeds make for a primo product.

Fergus Henderson's search for white truffles

After a fruitless search for the white truffle the hunting party takes a different tack...

How to grow garlic

Garlic has a long growing time, but low maintenance and freshness reward your patience.

The producers

Adelaide’s master of the cocoa bean and maker of serious choc-honeycomb.

Raw seafood

Does preparing raw seafood require special knife skills?

Cheesemonger Invitational

Each year in New York, cheesemongers slug it out in a world championship. Will Studd joins in the madness.

What makes the perfect lobster roll?

What makes a proper lobster roll? We turned to American food expert Colman Andrews for the lowdown.

Fergus Henderson on fast food

The difference between fast food and food you can whip up in a jiffy is vast, writes Fergus Henderson.

What is white soy sauce?

We explain what white soy sauce is and how you can use it.

What to do with Dijon mustard

A dollop of this staple adds a welcome bite to sharpen and season many a savoury dish.

How to grow chillies

This is the time of year for vegetables that like it hot and when it comes to heat, chillies love to both give and take.

What to do with leftover bread

Wondering what to do with that leftover loaf? Here are some ideas for making the most of your daily bread.

Disaster Bay Chillies

Two chilli fanatics and a pristine coastal environment combine to make for some cracking piquant products.

Fergus Henderson's breakfast rules

The ritual of breaking one’s fast has its place but should never be done at brunch...

Tips for grilling vegetables

All this meat on the grill is all very well, Hugh, but what about the veg?

How to grow eggplant

They may look tough, but eggplants play nice, and with the right amount of TLC they keep on giving.

Lennox Hastie talks about cooking with fire

Lennox Hastie is fired up about cooking with wood. Here he gives us a taste of what he cooks in his own backyard...

The cheat: confit duck

Whether it’s bringing its riches to salads or barbecues, this winter favourite becomes a summer star...

Margot Henderson's tips for entertaining

Get your entertaining principles right and it could lead to dancing, writes party maven Margot Henderson.

Blue cheeses for Christmas

Many blue cheeses are at their creamy peak right now, ripe for picking over pudding, writes Will Studd.

Christmas ham glazes

If a ham is the ruler of the Christmas table, a well-made glaze is its crown...

How to eat caviar

"Press your tongue against the roof of your mouth," the queen is saying...

The producers

Never mind the turkey, goose is the ultimate Christmas table centrepiece.

Australia's best ham revealed

Australian Ham Week is here to educate us on the finer points of selection in time for Christmas.

Can you serve beef for Christmas?

This might sound like a Dorothy Dixer, but does beef have a place on the Christmas table?

How to bake with unrefined sugars

In its unrefined state, sugar is much more than a sweetener, affecting texture and flavour in baking.

How to grow capsicum

It’s officially summer and party season for us and our vegetables, not least the capsicum...

Restaurants catering home parties

Rock the house with some restaurant expertise at your next shindig.

What is Forbidden Rice?

While forbidden rice is another name for black rice, the capital-F, capital-R Forbidden Rice is an Australian creation.

Fergus Henderson's tips for entertaining

Fergus Henderson gives new meaning to hamming it up in his top tips for successful entertaining.

Dumpling wrappers

These handy wrappers for dim sum can also do double-duty as stand-ins for fresh pasta.

Party drinks

How do I make cocktails for a big party?

An offally good party

Down on the farm, reasons to celebrate come from unusual quarters...

Simon Johnson's 25th anniversary

Simon Johnson celebrates notching up 25 years of helping Australians furnish their kitchens and tables in style.

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