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These warming curries should keep you going all winter long.
Beef and potato Massaman curry

Beef and potato Massaman curry

What is the secret to a good curry? It’s time. Sure, you can make a quick curry using store-bought curry pastes or curry powder (which, don’t get us wrong, we love when we’re short on time). But if you want a curry that hits all the right high notes — deep heat, balanced aromatics, and vibrant flavours and fragrance — then a good curry recipe means making your own curry paste. Plus, getting complexity and depth of flavour usually requires hours of cooking and a long simmering time. 

Whether you want a fish curry in fragrant coconut milk curry sauce; rich beef Thai curry with subtle clove sweetness and spice; or a hearty vegetable curry broth with lots of fresh ginger and turmeric to warm you from the inside out, the best curry recipe is ultimately one made from scratch.

Simmer your way through these best curry recipes. You’ll find a spicy chicken curry recipe, slow-cooked beef numbers, the ultimate red curry recipe, quick fish curries or crowd-pleasing vegetarian options.

Here are our ultimate recipes for curry dishes from around the globe. 

Chicken curry recipes

Vegetarian curry recipes

Beef and potato Massaman curry

Beef and potato Massaman curry

Beef curry recipes

Sri Lankan fish curry

Sri Lankan fish curry

(Credits: William Meppem)

Fish curry recipes

Overhead shot of a last cast-iron pot of lamb and chickpea curry, studded with cinnamon quills and garnished with coriander. A bowl of yoghurt, and sliced lime cheeks, sit to the side.

Three-hour lamb and chickpea curry

(Credits: Chris Chen and Ben Dearnley)

Lamb curry recipes

Red duck curry

Red curry recipe with duck

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Best curry recipes from chefs

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