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Decadent chocolate dessert recipes for Christmas

13 of our most decadent chocolate recipes to indulge guests with this Christmas.
chocolate dessert recipes

‘Tis the season to indulge with wanton abandon, and these decadent chocolate desserts make for the surest means. Whether your vice is a rich chocolate truffle cake, or a sherry-laced cherry chocolate pot, treat yourself (and your nearest and dearest) with one of these 13 recipes.

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Rich chocolate mousse cake

Baked chocolate cream with ginger-poached pears

Chocolate truffle layer cake

Chocolate and macadamia brownie

Chocolate mousse tart with pomegranates and pine nuts

Chocolate moelleux

Chocolate whiskey soufflé

Chocolate and quince tart

Choux puffs with chocolate and Armagnac ice-cream

Triple chocolate praline tart

Chocolate mud cakes with chocolate and mandarin ice-cream

Chocolate ricotta pudding

Chocolate pots with Pedro Ximénez-spiced sour cherries

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