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14 ways with farro

The pocket rocket of grains.
Farro recipes

Farro can be used in almost any dish, from a robust salad to accompany hearty beer-glazed beef short ribs to a new take on risotto with mushrooms, leek and parmesan. Here are 14 ways with this versatile grain.

Beer-glazed beef short ribs with farro salad

Farro, potato and pancetta soup

Farro with broad beans, ricotta salata, mint and lovage

Roasted gurnard with smoky eggplant, farro and boiled lemon

Silverbeet, pumpkin and farro broth

Finger fennel with farro and curry dressing

Lamb loin chops with smoky eggplant, and farro and tomato salad

Farro with pancetta, peas and mascarpone

Farro and roasted corn salad

Farro risotto with mushrooms, leek and parmesan

Farro and fennel salad

Braised pork cheeks with farro perlato

Mushroom, ricotta and thyme with farro linguine

Roast cauliflower and farro salad with agrodolce dressing

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