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Glazed figs with salted caramel ice-cream

Brushed with rapadura sugar and doused in muscat, you'll want to sink your teeth into these as soon as possible.
Glazed figs with salted caramel ice-creamBen Dearnley

Figs at their peak need little improvement, but serving them with a glaze of muscat and rapadura, and a scoop of salted caramel ice-cream challenges that theory.



1.Scatter sugar in a large frying pan and place over high heat until sugar is hot and starting to melt. Add fig, cut-sides down, and cook until just caramelised (2 minutes). Remove figs, add muscat to pan, and stir until a thick syrup forms (1-2 minutes). Drizzle muscat syrup over figs and serve with ice-cream.

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