Fast Recipes

Fragrant plum snow cones

These plum snow cones deliver big on flavour and refreshment – they’ll cool you down in a snap on a warm summer’s day.
Craig Wall


Plum syrup


1.For plum syrup, combine ingredients and 200ml water in a saucepan and bring to the boil over medium-high heat. Stir, then continue to boil until plums start to break down (5-10 minutes). Remove pan from the heat and cool briefly, then blend with a hand-held blender to a purée and strain through a sieve (discard solids).
2.Process ice in a food processor until finely crushed. Spoon ice into chilled glasses and spoon over plum syrup. Top with extra ice, and serve.

Choose any plums you like, such as red plums or blood plums.


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