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Tony Tan’s spicy silken tofu

It's Chinese home-style cooking at its speediest.
Spicy silken tofu

Tony Tan's spicy silken tofu

Anson Smart

A home-style dish with endless variations. Served cold, it sometimes graces the table with nothing more than chopped garlic and spring onions with a splash of soy and sesame oil, and other times with fried ginger, garlic and chillies. Some oyster sauce and soy sauce are added with some water and the whole thing is poured over this soft tofu. Super-fast and easy to make.



1.Heat oil in a frying pan over medium heat and fry ginger until light golden (1-2 minutes). Add garlic and stir until just turning light golden (1 minute). Stir in chillies, then add oyster sauce, soy, stock and sugar. Stir well and bring to the boil.
2.Shingle tofu slices on a plate, pour dressing over the top and serve scattered with spring onion.

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