Seared tuna salad with radish, finger lime and citrus vinaigrette

This zingy seared tuna salad, topped with citrus vinaigrette and finger lime, will be a crowd-pleaser at your next lunch party.
Spiced tuna, radishes, micro greens and finger lime with a gold fork on a white plate.Ben Dearnley


Spice Mix
Citrus Vinaigrette



To prepare tuna, lay one sheet of plastic wrap on work bench big enough to fit tuna with a 10cm overhang. Using a damp cloth, wipe plastic wrap with cloth, lay another sheet over top and push down so they stick together. Repeat this process to make three layers. Place tuna at short end of plastic wrap and roll up tightly to make a log shape. Twist ends tightly and tie a knot to secure. Refrigerate overnight to set.


Unroll tuna and discard plastic wrap. Combine spices and ½ tsp sea salt flakes on a large plate. Brush tuna with mustard and roll in spices to coat evenly. Heat oil in a large frying pan over high heat and sear tuna, turning frequently, until browned all over but still rare in middle (3-5 minutes). Transfer to a board and rest until cool (10 minutes).


Repeat step 1 again so you have three layers of plastic wrap. Roll tuna, secure tightly and refrigerate for another 4-5 hours to set.


For vinaigrette, place ingredients in a bowl, season and whisk to combine.


To serve, remove tuna from fridge. Discard plastic wrap and thinly slice. Arrange tuna on a platter. Top with finger lime, fennel, cucumber, radish, jalapeño, pink peppercorn, and micro mitsuba. Drizzle seared tuna salad with dressing and serve.

This recipe also calls for refrigeration overnight (see method)


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