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Quinoa-corn salad with bacon and hazelnuts

Australian Gourmet Traveller fast recipe for quinoa-corn salad with bacon and hazelnuts.
Quinoa-corn salad with bacon and hazelnuts

Quinoa-corn salad with bacon and hazelnuts

Prue Ruscoe




1.Preheat oven to 200C. Drizzle corn cobs with oil, season to taste and roast, turning occasionally, until tender (20-25 minutes). Slice kernels off the cobs, place in a bowl and season to taste.
2.Meanwhile, cook quinoa in unsalted boiling water until just tender (10-15 minutes), then drain well and set aside on a tray to steam dry (10 minutes).
3.Fry bacon in a non-stick frying pan over high heat until crisp (4-6 minutes). Reserve pan fat and coarsely chop bacon.
4.Combine extra-virgin olive oil, hazelnuts, shallot and lemon juice in a bowl with corn, quinoa, bacon and fat, and season to taste. Serve scattered with parmesan and chives to taste.

Drink Suggestion: Golden ale. Drink suggestion by Max Allen


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